Certification Resources

Certification Lookup

365体育足球官网Educator certifications can be verified through the .


Certification Renewal Process

The provides information on certification rules, regulations and requirements.

365体育足球官网Renewal of Certification:

  1. The district recommends that three months prior to the expiration of your certification, please begin the recertification process by submitting an application using the  automated system.  (Note:  This can be done up to six months prior to the expiration of your certification.)
  2. If you are currently employed, you will be asked to submit an form, which needs to be completed by the school district, verifying your working experience.

Complete the top portion of the ED 126 form, and send it to:

Human Resources Department
Stamford Public Schools
365体育足球官网5th Floor, Government Center

365体育足球官网When the ED 126 form is complete, Human Resources will return it to you for submission to the State of Connecticut.

  1. Upon receipt of your renewed educator certification in the mail, please forward a photocopy to Human Resources through interoffice mail.  This copy will be used to update our systems, and will be added to your personnel file.